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HAASA is a supportive, dynamic and inclusive organisation that welcomes members in the following categories:

  • Full

HAASA recognises two types of Full Members – Full Member and Full Member B.  A Full member has either successfully progressed through the Associate process or has transferred with full membership status from another Australian professional body. Those with Full Member B membership are not be able to do Government funded work and cannot approach the Hearing Services Program for a Qualified Practitioner number.  For a Full Member B, Industry experience is recognised in addition to formal qualifications. See further information about Full Membership.

  • Associate
An Associate Member has completed their Diploma of Audiometry (Dip Aud) (or higher qualification) and is undergoing HAASA's Supervision Program with a view to becoming a full member of HAASA after successfully completing the Supervision Process and a Competency ExamSee further information about Associate Membership .
  • Student
A Student Member has completed or is completing their Diploma of Audiometry (Dip Aud) (or higher qualification). See further information about Student Membership.
  • Affiliate

Affiliate members have an associated interest in the hearing health care industry but are not necessarily hearing practitioners.

  • Fellow

A Fellow Member is a Full Member as outlined above and has been given an honorary title in recognition of exemplary service to the Company, or to the hearing aid industry, or the hearing-impaired community, and is entitled to vote at meetings of Members and to receive notice of meetings. The honourary title of Fellow is bestowed by Board of HAASA.

  • Retired Fellow

A Retired Fellow is recognised with an honorary title by the Board of HAASA but has entered retirement.  A Retired Fellow is entitled to vote at meetings of Members and to receive notice of meetings.   Any Retired Fellow wishing to return to work and resume the status of Fellow must do so no later than 3 years from entering retirement and must be able to demonstrate he has maintained his Continuing Professional Education and Development points during the period of retirement. HAASA will advise the Hearing Services Program of the retirement of members entering this category (if applicable).

Membership Fees 

HAASA's membership year runs from 1 July to 30 June.

2023-2024 fees are as follows:

Application/Joining fee: Full and Associate Member $240

Annual subscription:     

 $525     Full Member


Fellow Member* 
 $150Retired Fellow* 
 $355Associate Member 
 $175Affiliate Member* 
 $0Student Member* 

Note: The application/joining fee is only applicable for those applicants joining at Full or Associate member classification.  

*An application/joining fee does not apply for Student, Fellow, Retired Fellow or Affiliate memberships. When upgrading from Student to Associate and Associate to Full member status there is NO application/joining fee applicable. If a membership is lapsed for a period in excess of two (2) years then the application/joining fee will be applicable.

Note:  Fees are subject to change as per HAASA's Constitution.

As HAASA and ACAud amalgamate, HAASA membership applications have been ceased to ensure a smooth transition for all members. Please head to https://www.acaud.com.au/memberships/ to join. 

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