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Supervision Program and Competency Examination

Supervision Program

Upon completion of his/her Audiometry qualifications, a potential Associate Associate Member must start by finding a Supervisor to oversee his/her Supervision Program.  HAASA does not assist in the location of Supervisors as we consider it important to start building networks in the industry.

The potential Associate Member should try to find a Supervisor that is knowledgeable, experienced and will be supportive of the Associate's development.  The Associate should be prepared to be proactive in his/her own development of skills and knowledge and look further than the bare minimum during the Supervision period in order to successfully complete the Competency Exam and become a Full Member of HAASA.  The Supervisor will sign the Supervision Agreement which will need to be submitted as part of the Application for Membership.

Associate Members of HAASA must under take our Supervision Program in accordance with our Supervision Guidelines Rules.  Supervisors and Associate Members should take particular of the Supervision Table on page 5.  This Supervision Program must be undertaken by all Associates, regardless of the supervision they have already completed as part of their qualifications.

During the period of Supervision, Associate Members must provide Supervision Level Completion Reports at the completion of each Level of their Supervision in accordance with the Table above.

We are prepared to be flexible in the way clinical supervision hours are completed where Associates are working part time.   Applicants wishing to employ some form of remote supervision will be considered on a case by case basis.

Once the Supervisor is satisfied that the Associate has completed the Supervision Program, then he/she signs the Supervision Declaration of Completion Report which is submitted to HAASA.  The Associate is then able to apply to sit the Competency Examination.

Competency Examination

Temporary examination rules are currently in place due to COVID-19.  Please get in touch for further information.

Upon completion of the Supervision Program, the Associate registers to sit the HAASA Competency Examination ("Exam").  Exams are usually held twice a year around May and November.  Check out the Events page to see upcoming dates.  Associate Members are notified through our Member database of upcoming Exam dates.

Exams are governed by the Examination of Competency Rules.

Exams consist of a 2.5 hour written examination, followed by a lunch break, then presentation of case studies in the afternoon.  Each Examinee has approximately 1 hour to present his/her two (2) case studies.

In order to be eligible to sit the Exam, Associates must provide:

Case Studies

The Examinee must present his/her two (2) case studies to the Panel of Examiners as part of the Exam.

These case studies must be emailed to haasa@haasa.org.au at least 2 weeks prior to the Exam date in Word or PDF format.  These will be reviewed by the Examiners prior to the Exam to enable insight into the case studies before they are presented in the Exam.

Any candidates applying to re-sit the Exam must ensure sufficient time has elapsed since the last time they sat the Exam as determined by the Examination of Competency Rules.

The following documents may assist in the preparation for the Exam:

Case Study Information
Examinee Information

We urge Associates sitting the exam to prepare thoroughly and to ensure they are ready.

Upon successful completion of the Exam, Associate Members are eligible to apply to become Full Members of HAASA, after which they are able to apply to the Government for a Qualified Practitioner number which enables them the ability to offer services under the Hearing Services Program.

Any queries regarding the Supervision Program or Exam can be referred to the Secretariat at haasa@haasa.org.au.

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