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Full Member

A person may apply for full membership upon providing evidence to the Executive Board Membership Committee that he or she has attained, as a minimum, a Certificate IV in Audiometry (end 2008) with Statement of Attainment, or Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation (post 2008),  or Diploma of Audiometry (current qualification) from participating Registered Training Organisation, TAFE (NSW).  The applicant will have completed not less than six (6) months post graduate clinical experience under the supervision of a current Full member of HAASA or a clinician who is recognised by HAASA as a Full member of another Australian professional association.  The agreed Supervisor must have at least three (3) years of clinical experience and be approved by the Executive Board.  An applicant for Full membership will be able to demonstrate, via compulsory clinical examination, that they have the necessary clinical competencies to work independently as a clinical practitioner within the scope of their qualification or have a current qualified practitioner number issued by the Federal Government.

At the discretion of the Board of HAASA, Full Member B membership may be granted to an individual whose industry experience and knowledge is sufficient to justify such a title. However those holding Full Member B membership are not be able to do Government funded work and cannot approach the Hearing Services Program for a Qualified Practitioner number.  For a Full Member B, Industry experience is recognised in addition to formal qualifications.  The membership category Full Member B has the same voting rights as Full Member.

Associate Member

Holds a Diploma of Audiometry or Diploma of Hearing Device Prescription and Evaluation (post 2008), Certificate IV in Audiometry (end 2008) awarded by TAFE(NSW) or other participating Registered Training Organisation,  with additional Certificate of Attainmentbut has not yet completed six (6) months full time (or equivalent) supervised, post graduate, clinical training based on 32 hour week (can be pro-rata).  An Associate member is encouraged to participate in all relevant discussion and activities associated with membership of HAASA and to share his or her opinion on any Society matter, and shall be entitled to vote.

Student Member

Students are required to provide evidence to the Executive Board that they are currently studying the Diploma of Audiometry through Registered Training Organization (RTO), (eg TAFE NSW or The Australasian College of Audiometry). The applicant will need to forward evidence of current enrolment.  A Student is encouraged to participate in all relevant discussion and an activity associated with membership of HAASA but does not hold voting rights.  

Affiliate Member

This membership category is for individuals who have an associated interest in the hearing health care industry.  An Affiliate member would hold no voting rights.

Fellow Member

A member who has demonstrated an outstanding degree of service and/or has made an outstanding contribution to the profession of Audiometry will be eligible to become a Fellow.  A proposed Fellow must be nominated by a Full member and seconded by a Full member. Fellowship is granted to a member following consideration and approval by the Executive Board and the acceptance of the nomination by the general membership via secret ballot.  Fellow will maintain full voting rights and be subject to annual subscription fees and CPED requirements under the normal process.

Honorary Life Member

A person may be admitted as an Honorary Member on the recommendation of the Executive Board and passed by the voting membership at the next Annual General Meeting.  Such a person would have provided outstanding service to the hearing impaired and the hearing services industry over a number of years.  As an Honorary member he or she would be able to act in an advisory capacity on any committee if requested by the Executive Board and attend any meetings or functions.  As an Honorary member he or she would be exempt from entrance fees and annual subscriptions and would have no voting rights.

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