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HAASA's commitment to educating its members and keeping them at the forefront of knowledge is central to its purpose.

Members in the categories of Full, Fellow and Associate are required to accrue a minimum number of Continuing Professional Education Development (CPED) points per CPED cycle.

The current cycle runs from 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2025.  

The points required for a two year cycle are:

50 points Full and Fellow Members

30 points Associate Members

Student members' coursework is sufficient to meet CPED requirements

Members are expected to keep records including evidence (e.g. Certificates of Attendance) of their accrued points.  Our CPED Return Form may assist in organising CPED records.  Audits of records are regularly conducted by HAASA in accordance with HAASA's CPED Rules.  

There are lots of types of events and activities that attract CPED points.  More detail is available here.  Note that some categories have caps on the number of points that can be accrued for that type of activity.

Members that join during a CPED cycle are able to pro-rate their points.

Excess CPED points cannot be transferred to the next CPED cycle as we want to ensure our Members' learning material is as up to date as possible.

Members experiencing extended periods of illness or taking parental leave may apply for an adjustment to the points required in a CPED Cycle.  The member should provide a letter to the Board from a medical practitioner stating the relevant period for adjustment.  Upon approval, the member may then adjust the points required as a percentage of the whole CPED Cycle.  For example, if the member is ill for 3 months of a 12 month cycle, he/she would only be required to collect 75% of the normal points.

HAASA holds CPED Days twice a year, usually in March and November.  Check out our upcoming Events.

Information on previous CPED cycles is here.  Last cycle CPED Return Form is here.

HAASA's own previous events are here.

Third Party Event Endorsement

HAASA endorses third party training and events that are hearing related at no charge.  Just submit our Endorsement Form 
to haasa@haasa.org.au for review.

See our list of previously endorsed third party events.

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