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What is an Audiometrist?

Audiometrists are Hearing Care professionals who specialize in the non-medical assessment and management of communication difficulties caused by hearing loss.  

Audiometrists hold a qualification from a Registered Training Organization such as TAFE NSW which involves two (2) years of formal study followed by a Supervision Program and Competency Examination after which they may be considered fully qualified, provided they can prove they meet the highest Industry Standards of best practice. 

By conducting clinical hearing assessment, an Audiometrist will determine if a hearing loss is present, the nature and degree of any loss and how this may be impeding the client’s communication ability and quality of life.  

If a rehabilitation program is required (which may include the fitting of prescriptive hearing instruments or some other client management protocol) then the Audiometrist will work with the client to establish a course of action that best suits his or her needs.  By working together with the client and often the client’s family and friends the Audiometrist can achieve a successful rehabilitation outcome that brings a renewed sense of well being and confidence to the hearing impaired individual.

How can an Audiometrist help? 

The Audiometrist will clinically assess the hearing thresholds of the client to determine if a hearing aid fitting is indicated.  At the fitting appointment the Audiometrist will give instruction to the client and any family or friends who may be involved, in the management of the hearing device/s, how to care for the instrument/s and how to gradually become accustomed to hearing and listening again.  

The Audiometrist will develop a rehabilitation program to ensure the optimal benefit is gained from the hearing instruments that are prescribed.  Hearing instruments are available in different makes, models and styles.  The device/s prescribed will be determined with regard to the individual requirements of each client taking into consideration their needs.

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